Jude Nelson

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Theatre credits include: Cinderella, The Mad Hatter’s Adventure, Sleeping Beauty (Gala Durham),  Sheltered – 10 Minutes To (Live Theatre), Rocket Girl, #MeToo/Alphabetti Soup, Rocket Man, Sketch K.O. Show (Alphabetti Theatre), The Remarkable Robin Armstrong’s Extraordinary Christmas Adventure (Hexham Queen’s Hall/Alnwick Playhouse), Direct Action (Peachplant Productions), The Sunderland Story (Alterean Media), Elves And The Shoemaker, The Northern Lights, Indoor Theatre Christmas Show (Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company), Isolation (The Customs House), Macbeth (Shakespeare Speakeasy), Paper Plane (Playing Up/Northern Stage), An Accident Of Birth – Suffragette, How The Vote Was Won – Suffragette (Coracle), Bully (Workie Ticket Theatre Company)